In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children


Vision of Vanguard:

Vanguard is a group that was started with a VISION, based upon PRINCIPLES, using methods based upon those principles to achieve that VISION.  Parents and youth may come together to form their own Vanguard group if they feel that tis closely mirrors the pattern established or apply whatever principles they see fit to better their own families and educational communities.

What is the Vanguard Vision?
The Vanguard Vision is to:
(1) Encourage faith in God as a student’s ultimate mentor and source of truth through the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ
(2) Help a student find value in their own unique mission, introduce them to various communication styles, and encourage them to gain the skills, talents and gifts necessary so that they may communicate that mission to the world
(3) Help a student come face-to-face with greatness as they study the world, history, people, &  science, and in the process teach the student how to make connections with light and truth around them and apply them to themselves and in their missions.
(4) Creating an environment of love, respect, decency, trust, and confidence
(5) Teach service-oriented leadership and principles of liberty and self-government so that they will be able to protect their ability to express their missions.
Specific Vision for the K2 Vanguard Year:

We will be focusing on how to fight on God's side, where victory is sure.  We are the Vanguard of Freedom!  Our theme for the year is:
"The Title of Liberty:
Love it...defend it...maintain it!" 
 We will be examining truths and the tactics of the devil; developing skills and knowledge to keep you strong; and seeking patterns and examples in history and in the world around you to help you overcome the enemy and fulfill your God-given missions!

Image result for image of captain moroniCaptain Moroni's account in Alma 46:12-16 describes his own process for raising and defending the Title of Liberty:
-He turned to God
-He gathered people with like-minded vision, knowing them and the lands he was to defend.  He also identified what he didn't want and who was his enemy, their background and lands.
-He armed his people with truth and new and innovative weapons and armor
-Then he created the Title of Liberty and shared it with others in word and deed!

This exactly parallels what we will do this year in the different lenses:
Leadership Academy:  We will turn to God, His truth, and discover His will for us, leading as we were born to lead.
Geo-Conquest: We will examine the world around us, identifying friend and foe (both in governments and individuals), and becoming familiar with the history, culture and geography of our fellow-citizens of the world.
Eureka: We will arm ourselves with the sword of Truth as we use "Penetrating Deception" exercises, seeking for true principles, and apply and utilize mental and physical armor and weapons in our battle against evil and ignorance.
Imaginative Arts:  We will create our own projects and develop our capacity to share our genius, mission and message with others through word, speech, art, and other creative mediums, just as Captain Moroni did with creating his Title of Liberty and shared his message with others.

We will also be learning the "tools of the lenses" to help us become more proficient in using them.

Come join with me as we move forward and learn to more deeply love, defend and maintain the Title of God's Liberty in the latter-days!