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Parent and Youth Mentor List

Please see bylaws for description of responsibilities to date.  Please let me know if I have missed something:

Head Mentor: Mary Biesinger
Secretary: Monica Casselberry

Youth Presidency:
President: E.J. Hatch
Vice-president: Olivia Jackson
Secretary: Ashlie Jackson
Game Chief: Drew Biesinger (with Danny Vance)
Vanguard History Youth Reps: Aubrey Gilbert and Tova Biesinger
Vanguard History Adult Advisor:still need someone to mentor here :)
Guest Speaker specialist:  we can have the secretary do it, or one of the youth, or each lens mentor can organize their guest speakers as they would like

Youth Service Rep: Kel Biesinger
Service Adult Advisor: Sherrie Hatch

Acting Advisors: Paula Whitaker and Mindy Cook
Newsletter Publisher: Paula Whitaker
Building Specialist: 

Core Class:
-Primary Mentor: Mary Biesinger
-Asst Mentor: Angie Moore
-Youth Mentors: Abby Gilbert, Clancey Black, Kel Biesinger, Aubrey Gilbert, Ashlie Jackson,
Olivia Jackson

Leadership Academy: 
-Primary Mentor: Melinda Gilbert
-Asst Lens Mentor: Mary Biesinger
-Youth Mentor: Abby Gilbert

-Primary Mentor: Natalie Jackson
-Youth Mentors: Olivia Jackson and Tova Biesinger

-Primary Mentor: Mary Biesinger
-Youth Mentor: Kel Biesinger
-Youth Specialist: Zach Moore (explosions/science projects)

Literary Arts:
-Primary Mentor: Mary Biesinger
-Asst. Lens Mentor: Mindy Cook and Mary Biesinger
-Youth Mentors: Tova Biesinger and Ashlie Jackson
-Youth Art Specialists: Danny Vance and Zach Moore

Sibling Group Mentors:
-Vanguard Junior Mentor: Brenda Black
-Assistant: Melinda Gilbert

If you ever have any ideas for any of these areas, please contact the mentor in charge of that area...we love ideas!!
Temple Adult Mentor:Brenda Black
Outdoor Adult Mentor: Jeff and Angie Moore
Family Activities: coordinated by the youth presidency
Game Night Mentor: to be determined
Fundraising Specialist: if desired to go toward cost of books or tuition