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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New CORE class outline

For the past month, we have given out specific reading assignments as well as specific things to do with them.  While I have hoped that people would adapt them as necessary, we feel it has become more of a limited checklist than a way to individually explore where a student wants to go with our primary material.

We are going to change the format as follows:

-"Starting point": This will be where we have the common books/articles/videos that we want everyone to read, etc.

-"Bunny Trails!"This is where the youth and parent will create their own "path" to further their learning, similar to what we have done the previous months.  Find articles, videos, or other activities that take what we studied in common and help you explore it more in depth where you feel inspired to go!  I recommend at least 2 or three learning activities or 1 in depth one to further your personal study of the focus for the week.  Basically, you will come up with the same kind of thing we created for you last month, but you will do it on your own in a way that is more personally, spiritually directed and adapted.

-"Project Time!":  Throughout the month I want them working on a project or series of projects where they take what they are learning under that month's principle and apply it to themselves in their lives.  They can start off with one and then adapt or change it throughout the month.  Each week we will touch base with them and the project they are currently working on, and then spend extra time the final week sharing what they learned.  It can be a project for a Master class that they are working on the entire month, or a week to week adaptation.

I am hoping that this will make it more open to personal adaptation and exploration of their personal learning styles and mission.  I have included in their tomes a page that says "What Can I Do With What I Studied?" that has a bunch of ideas for the Bunny Trail section.  I will also have ideas on the blog, but I don't want it to be just a "find a video that applies on youtube and share it."  It should be a meaningful time spent in further research that is personally directed.

We will still have the "checklists" each week and I would like to have them come to class with them already filled out with you, the parent, as much as possible, although I will have a few extra copies on hand for them to fill out there.

Please give me feedback about any ways we can adapt or improve.

Parent Mentor Meeting notes, Newsletter, and Book list update

Hi everyone!


Thanks for the great parent mentor meeting last Friday!  If you could please review the areas we need help and comment below how you can help or any ideas you may have, that would be great!

We need parents to drive for Fugitive, this Friday September 26 at 7 pm.  You could do this as a date night by picking up some frozen custard or ice cream and driving around with your spouse as we hunt down the youth :).  We will be meeting at the Bountiful temple and starting promptly at 7 so please be a little early.  Please let me know asap if you can help drive!

 Looking Ahead
The following are areas we will be studying in the next few months.  Please let us know if you have any ideas for field trips or guest presenters or activities that would help the youth learn more about these topics:
-Classification/Evolution vs. Creationism and macro- vs. micro-evolution
-Early Colonial America
-The Power of Music
-Stewardship: "Divine Roles of Men and Women" and "Dating"
-French Revolution
-Codes: Morse, Braille, etc.
-Slave Quilt-maps
-Civil War

Next Month Parent Mentor Meeting:
October 10th, 6:30 with potluck dinner assignments same as before (Monica, could you resend that info?)
-Come having read/reviewed Ch. 1 and 2 of "Crucial Conversations" by Patterson, etc.  I believe this will be a powerful resource this year to improve our communications as spouses, parents and fellow parent mentors in this group.  Thanks!
-We will have a longer meeting this time, probably ending around 9.  This will replace the meeting we had to reschedule last month. Please make every possible effort to attend.
It has taken me a while to get to the newsletter for this next month as we will be making major changes to hopefully make it more useful to everyone. I should have it out by the end of the day.  However, you may already check out the inspirements for next week for Journeyman and Master Class on the Leadership Academy blog and soon on the CORE class blog, October Week 1: Leadership Academy post.  Thanks for your patience as we try to change things up a bit to make the class more suited to personal adaptation.

Also, I have updated the booklist in the tab above (or you can click here to access it, too).  I have hopefully made it more understandable.  Please note in the comment section if you have any suggestions to make it more accessible.  Also, fellow mentors, please make sure that I have included any changes you have made to your book lists for the year.  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parent Mentor Meeting 9/19/14

Hello friends!

I am excited to get together this Friday evening.  Our first parent mentor meeting for the year will be held on Sept. 19th from 7-8 at my house.  (Our bigger, beginning of the year meeting will be held the second Friday in October starting at 6:30 with our potluck evening.)

I realize everyone won't be able to be there due to our unfortunate need to switch evenings, but we will do what we can and hopefully get back on track next month.  These meetings are truly the glue that helps to hold groups together, but, of course, sometimes we just cannot come :). Please just come when you can.

For this upcoming meeting, I have printed off a copy of the short article by Stephen Palmer: "Four 'nothing' habits that can change everything" for us to review and discuss.

I would also like to discuss the following items:
-remaining available mentor positions: game night mentor (a dad would be great for this!)
-moving Vanguard to my house: saves us $100 a month (I think it would work this way if it works to have Vanguard Jr. at Melinda's.  I feel we should talk about this option.)  Then we would also not need a building coordinator to set-up and take down.
-review calendar for next few months to see if anyone has ideas for field trips and guest speakers
-newsletter format to make it more feasible

The latter three items we would discuss while the men were doing their dad's meeting, unless they would like to contribute to those discussions.  We could figure it out that night what we will discuss together.

I look forward to seeing you all then!
:) Mary

p.s.  Please comment below if you have items to add and to RSVP

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Head's up for upcoming weeks!

 Please remember that we will be discussing "Alone Yet Not Alone" next week for Imaginative Arts CORE class, along with a section from "Aspire!"

However, I want you to be looking ahead, because we will be discussing "The Freedom Factor" in Core Class Leadership the following week!  "Alone Yet Not Alone" is a lot easier than most books we will be reading, and it was perfect to allow for us to read "The Freedom Factor" the following week. I would encourage you to finish "Alone Yet Not Alone" soon so you can get started on "The Freedom Factor."  Both are very interesting, very quick reads. (For those of you who remember "The Alliance," "Freedom Factor" is by the same man and very interesting as well!)

We will still be discussing "Red Scarf Girl" and any other of the approved books at the end of October.  October is the only month we are doing double books this year.  I feel that these books will make a big difference in our perspective, especially read during this time.  You can do it! :)

Please remember that the outside of class activities are simply fun options for your youth or you as parents if they fit within your family needs.  We make them theme related, start and end with prayer, and always have adults on hand.
-PMM--Parent Mentor Meeting 7-8 pm at Biesingers this Friday the 19th.  Please come with any questions or concerns you may have :).  We will have a brief article and video segment to review while we are there to discuss, as well as the division into dads and moms for individual discussions.  We will have our larger, beginning of the year one on the regularly scheduled day in October.  Please plan on attending and I will plan on being well :). (Twasn't pneumonia and feel much better...thanks!)

-Master-level Eureka Movie Night Thursday the 18th. Location TBA.  Starting at 6, this is a discussion/application opportunity for those who have prepared through their studies for Master class this week and their parents and older siblings.

-Game Night!  FUGITIVE!  Sept. 26, meet at 7 pm at the Bountiful Temple.  We will need adult drivers to chase around and find the youth...bring along some ice cream, your spouse,  and call it a date!  We will be ending at the Hatch's house.  More details upon arrival: boundaries, rules, etc.  If you want to invite a friend, please limit it to one or two, and let Drew Biesinger know so we can have enough adults on hand.  Bring a potluck treat to share for when we are done! 

-Orienteering Activity in October on a Saturday.  More details to follow...