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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New CORE class outline

For the past month, we have given out specific reading assignments as well as specific things to do with them.  While I have hoped that people would adapt them as necessary, we feel it has become more of a limited checklist than a way to individually explore where a student wants to go with our primary material.

We are going to change the format as follows:

-"Starting point": This will be where we have the common books/articles/videos that we want everyone to read, etc.

-"Bunny Trails!"This is where the youth and parent will create their own "path" to further their learning, similar to what we have done the previous months.  Find articles, videos, or other activities that take what we studied in common and help you explore it more in depth where you feel inspired to go!  I recommend at least 2 or three learning activities or 1 in depth one to further your personal study of the focus for the week.  Basically, you will come up with the same kind of thing we created for you last month, but you will do it on your own in a way that is more personally, spiritually directed and adapted.

-"Project Time!":  Throughout the month I want them working on a project or series of projects where they take what they are learning under that month's principle and apply it to themselves in their lives.  They can start off with one and then adapt or change it throughout the month.  Each week we will touch base with them and the project they are currently working on, and then spend extra time the final week sharing what they learned.  It can be a project for a Master class that they are working on the entire month, or a week to week adaptation.

I am hoping that this will make it more open to personal adaptation and exploration of their personal learning styles and mission.  I have included in their tomes a page that says "What Can I Do With What I Studied?" that has a bunch of ideas for the Bunny Trail section.  I will also have ideas on the blog, but I don't want it to be just a "find a video that applies on youtube and share it."  It should be a meaningful time spent in further research that is personally directed.

We will still have the "checklists" each week and I would like to have them come to class with them already filled out with you, the parent, as much as possible, although I will have a few extra copies on hand for them to fill out there.

Please give me feedback about any ways we can adapt or improve.

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