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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Calendar through end of March

Child care during CORE class:
Feb 26    Sherrie Hatch

5    Angie Moore
12    Mindy Cook
19    Chanelle Jones
26    Lisa Brower

Please remember to come with a small activity for the kids to participate in.  My older ones are pretty good at helping with the younger ones.  I will also try to remember to have a video from the library for them at the end.  Thanks!

Vanguard Junior  

Will meet (for those involved) on Mar. 5 and Mar 19.  Inspirements to come.

For Vanguard, here is the schedule:
19: Core/J-man Eureka! 
21 10-12 Master Class-Sarah's bro-in-law's reactor & Brower's (addresses forthcoming)
26: Core/J-man Imaginative Arts
28: 9-1 Field trip to Sacred Gifts museum for Master class: Meet at Sister Biesinger's, show art projects, go to museum, eat lunch and finish discussion, come back to Presbyterian church at 1 pm.

5 Core/ J-man Leadership
7 10-12 Leadership Master Class: Moore’s
8 8 am Parent Mentor meeting at Biesinger's
  6 pm Etiquette Dinner--best dress
12 Core/J-man Geo-conquest
14 10-12 Geo-Conquest Master Class: Biesinger’s
15 Jane Austen Ball
19 Core/J-man Eureka!
21 10-12 Eureka! Master Class: Vances
26 Core/J-man Imaginative Arts
28 10-12 Imaginative Arts Master Class:Biesinger’s
   Game/Movie night @ Moore’s

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mentor Meeting
February 8, 2014
I. Discussion of monthly activities
    a) Mary has asked that if you have something you would like to do, to please feel free to contact her about helping with teaching in the classes. Be willing to follow those promptings.
    b) Continuing with the discussion from last month about the amount of activities planned, there will be a distinction made between class activities and youth led activities.

II. Integrity word study
    a) Quinn mentioned that it comes from the Latin word for “integer”
    b) Melinda (?) mentioned that it has to do with a consistency of values
    c) Elizabeth brought up the example of the Stripling Warriors
    d) Other ideas shared: Use of the web site for inspirational videos and Job27: 5 was shared.

III. March Planning
    1) March 8 Etiquette/Manners  dinner
    2) Jane Austen Ball
    3) Brief discussion about classes
        a) Eureka: Possibly discussing integers
        b) Geo-Conquest: North America, reading some of the founding colony charters, simulation about setting up own colony. Journeyman would involve possibly memorizing states as well as actually writing charter for your colony.

IV. Discussion of Summer Activities--need for parental feedback
    1) Meeting once per week for weekly trainings at a park and taking July off.
    2) Continuation of Game Night/Movie Night/Outdoor Activities
    3) Hiking group--meet twice per month (First time to plan, second time to actually hike)