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Friday, January 10, 2014

Updated Geo Inspirements for next week, Jan 15th and 17th

I am re-posting Lisa's excellent recommendation last month.

And here is another one to read or listen to.

Please prayerfully select one or both to read before next week's Geo-Conquest Master Class as we discuss religious freedom of expression, what it looks like, and how it benefits society.

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I read this article today about religious freedom and how it is being eroded in our country by the media and some politicians redefining what it means. It is really important how people are defining terms and how they are asking us, as a people, to define and accept the new definitions of the terms as well. This is similar to how they changed us from a republic with checks and balances to a democracy with those checks and balances (now termed hindrances or gridlock to change) being taken away.

I was surprised to find out that the government cancelled Catholic Mass on army bases during the latest Government shutdown.  Sadly, it was not in the media even though it is a very clear violation of our religious freedoms.

Enjoy the article.

Hi everyone!
With Sister Lisonbee and her family moving a different direction, I would like to adapt next week's inspirements.  Don't worry...if you have already completed them, let me know and I will just work it in, but if you haven't please read below. (Many are the same.)  I will be heading up the history lens for now.  If you are interested in helping out with mentoring in the class, please let me know. I have talked to Elizabeth Tindall about working with me in that, but would love to hear from any of the rest of you who are passionate about history or geography and would like to help out here, youth or adult.

1) Map time!
Fill out this map (or use it to make your own map on something else):
...with at least five of these places from the life of Martin Luther (feel free to add landmarks like rivers and mountains, modern cities, etc.):  You can cut out the pictures of the places and put it on the map or just make the map however you want.  Make the map out of whatever you want to: yarn, clay, cake, paper, 3-D imaging,  etc.
We will be displaying these maps around the room, and are for you to get a understanding of where Martin Luther lived, as well as helping you become more familiar with maps, so it doesn't matter if it looks like someone else's map...just have fun and do

(Here are some other map sites you can use:
2) Time Line: It is important to place events in their context in history.  Bring at least three time line events to share that happened anywhere in the world during the life time of Martin Luther.  Put them on your time line and come prepared to add everyone else's to yours!
1) Setting of the times:
#1-Listen to this song authored by Martin Luther:
Read this synopsis of Martin Luther’s life. or watch this
video of Martin Luther
#3- Read one of the following:
Write down any words you don't know in your chosen article, look them up, select your favorite passage and either read it aloud dramatically or memorize it.  Tell at least one other person what it was saying in your own words or write it to me in an email.

#4- Compare and contrast the Lutheran faith and the Catholic faith
Look at the chart here and pick out and write down/present at least three major similarities or differences between the Catholic and Lutheran faiths.  You can find another chart to use if you'd like.
(Tracy, I would love a better site if you know of one.)  INTELLIGENCE:
#1- Read Questions and answer them on paper or out loud to someone:
  • Did Martin Luther die wealthy and enjoy renown and success in his lifetime?
  • What events and learning opportunities prepared Martin Luther for his great work?
  • How did these events and opportunities prepare him?
  • How did he feel about his trial?
  • Was he a Christian? What religion did he belong to?
#2- Do a separate project that you feel inspired to learn more about and do after gaining knowledge and seeking understanding about these topics: for instance, look at your own faith, write down your own beliefs, think about what has shaped your faith.  You could make a collection of sacred music that defines your belief.  You could share your testimony to your family, a friend, or in a letter to a missionary.  Try to think about what you want to change in your life because of what you learned in preparing for this class.

Memorize this scripture! (Just read through it 10 times if you choose not to memorize it, or create a cool artistic display of it that you can look at.)

Joel 2: 28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. 29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
Referring to this scripture, President Joseph Fielding Smith said: “I think, properly, we could go back into the days of the revival of learning—the renaissance, as it is called—and the reformation in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, to find the beginning of the fulfilment of this promise.”  Those forerunners to Joseph Smith, the long-prophesied seer of the last days (see JST, Gen. 50:30–33; 2 Ne. 3:6–7), did not have access to the fulness of the gospel, but their efforts were vitally important in laying the foundation for him.
Read the first article and do one or both of the second two:
Preparing for the restoration
Select at least one favorite quote or point to share.  Please also print them off so we can quote from it and discuss it well!

Pick a religion from the world and prepare a report or presentation on it.  Be sure to include the following:
-location (show on a map)
-estimated number of followings
-basic beliefs
-interesting particulars you find
Let Sister Biesinger know which one you pick so we can all do different ones.

We are going to look at religions today. 
-Read at least three articles about religion today in the media (especially examples of how religious freedoms are being threatened) and bring your favorite one to share the major points of with the rest of it. For instance, here is a good article:
or this one

-Watch video on "what is religious freedom?"
-Come at 10 am to Sister Biesinger's

For those who participate in Master class and really study the different religions, we are going on a field trip to, the monastery in Eden.  (You should check out the "Monk's Day"!  So cool to see them live so true to what they believe!)

We will be going on Sat, Jan 18th, leaving sometime between 1 and 3 pm (depending upon the schedule of those who are going).  We will visit their store and hopefully be able to spend some time in their church and looking around the area.  I hear they have yummy stuff to buy, so we will definitely be sampling some.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Child Care Obligations for New Semester (Winter 2014)

Hi everyone!
I am finally getting around to sending out next semester's child care schedule. Thanks to those who were able to attend the meeting on Dec 13th about this, and for those who were unable to make it, I completely understand :), but please review the following to make sure it makes sense.  Please reply that you got this information so I don't need to print one up for you to get to you the first week of class....thanks :)!
Those who expressed a desire to continue to participate in Vanguard Junior decided to use that class to help take care of the abundance of children present in the nursery during Journeyman on Week 1 (Leadership) and Week 3 (Science).  Thank you!   Please contact Elizabeth if somehow we missed your interest in participating in Vanguard Junior.
The rest of us will rotate through taking care of my (Biesinger) children during core class.  It will just be one lady in there per week.  Attached is a document with the schedule, along with a proposed outline for the 2 1/2 hours with my kids. You are responsible ot be there on your date and make arrangements if you cannot.  Thanks for understanding :).

Thank you so much for making this a good experience for my little ones both in the past and in the future :).


8    Sherrie Hatch
15    Angie Moore
22    Mindy Cook
29    Chanelle Jones

5    Lisa Brower
12    Tracy Ressa
19    Mary Biesinger
26    Sherrie Hatch

5    Angie Moore
12    Mindy Cook
19    Chanelle Jones
26    Lisa Brower

2    Tracy Ressa
9    Lisa Brower (thanks, Lisa)
16    Sherrie Hatch
23    Mindy Cook
30    Chanelle Jones

7    Tracy Ressa

*You are responsible to cover your day and make any arrangements to find a replacement or trade.  I will just be hiring someone for my week to make it more even. Thanks!

PROPOSED SCHEDULE:  times with my children are always approx….feel free to roll with the flow
10-10:30     Free play time
10:30         Snack time (snacks will be provided)
10:45    Structured activity—please come with something: coloring, reading, play-
acting, games.  My older kids normally go along with what the younger kids will do.
11:30        Educational movie (will be provided, unless you have a favorite)
12:00-12:15    (after movie) Start lunch.

Devotional/Thought Outline

A thought is a quote, scripture, or poem. It's a time where you can share random cool saying you like. It's very short. 2 minutes max.

A Devotional, however, is about 15 minutes. It's more interactive, with stories, videos, a discussion, a quick activity, and object lesson, ect. (not ALL of those, but they are some ideas :))

Here's a suggested outline for planning a Devotional, if you want:

1. Pick a subject. What do you feel you need to share?
2. Find a story/video/etc to go with it (again, these are just suggestions)
3. Prepare a discussion/object lesson/quick activity to go with it.
4. Present in any order you wish :)

(Yet again, that is just a suggestion if you have no clue how to start.)

Here is the sign up sheet I (Tova) will be calling/emailing to see whether you want to do a thought on your week, or a devotional.

 Joseph B.


Joseph R