In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children

Our Bylaws

K2 Vanguard Youth Bylaws
Article 1. Formal Name
The name of this club shall be Vanguard Youth: K2 Chapter

Article 2. Mission
The mission of this group is to empower the youth with a sense of personal mission
and enable them to move forward with that mission by:
(1) Encouraging faith in God as their ultimate mentor
and source of truth through the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ
(2) Helping them find value in their own unique mission and introduce the
to various communication styles so that they may communicate that mission to the world
(3) Helping them come face-to-face with greatness as they study the world,
history, people, and science to prepare them to become future leaders* in society.
(4) Creating an environment of respect, decency, trust, and confidence
(5) Teaching service-oriented leadership
*Leader: someone qualified to lead others in the home, community or world

Article 3. Member qualifications

Section 1. Member Qualification.
To be a member of the Vanguard Youth, the youth must be 12 years of age by
December 31st of the first semester enrolled. However, it is recommended that youth wait until they are 14 years of age for young men and 13 years of age for young women, as they seem to be better able to meet the requirements of this class at that time.  However, that decision is between the head mentor, parent and the youth. You may ask yourself the following questions if you feel they are ready beforehand.
  1. Does your child want to take the class on their own, or are you having to push them? A desire to begin speaking ones thoughts is a good indication that a student’s mind is getting ready for Vanguard
  2. Is your child beginning to consider the world beyond their immediate experience? If they are, this demonstrates that they are moving into the world of higher order cognition and may be ready to take on Vanguard. If they are not, then you may wish to have them wait another year as they may find Vanguard frustrating.
  3. Is your child ready to start doing homework every week? This is a requirement of the class, and there is little in class time to address study skills. Students who aren’t ready to do homework on a weekly basis will be more likely to flounder in the class
All youth are expected to attend all meetings due to the interconnected nature of the classes. Please discuss extenuating circumstances with the advisors. If they are absent two or more times in a semester, they may be asked to withdraw for a while until they are able to make more of a commitment. All youth are expected to come to class each week prepared with inspirements of their choice. All members are expected to follow the standards in the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet as distributed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is expected that members will act and treat other members and the Mentors with respect and
kindness. If any problems with behavior or attendance arise, it is up to the discretion of
the Board if that member shall remain in the group.

Section 2. Maximum Membership.
The membership of this Club shall be limited to those youth considered eligible whose parents are also willing to make the commitment to support them in this group. In extenuating
circumstances a youth’s spot may be held up to one semester with approval from the
board when they cannot conform to the attendance requirement.

Section 3. The Waiting List.
A current waiting list will be kept on a first come, first serve basis. Any openings will first
be offered to siblings of current members, and then to the youth at the top of the waiting
list under the discretion of the board. If a youth in Vanguard leaves the group for any
reason other than extenuating circumstance they can move to the bottom of the waiting

Section 4. Membership Dues and Fees.
All dues and fees will be due at the beginning of each semester. The class fee will be
$40.00 per semester per child. The secretary shall record all payments and notify members two weeks in advance, and those whose dues are not paid by the end of the first month of each semester shall be automatically dropped from membership in the club. Visitors may be required to pay a fee as worked out with the advisor.  These dues do not include building fees.

Section 5. Extenuating circumstances regarding member qualifications are subject to
approval of the Head Mentor.

Article 4. Officers and Duties

Section 1. Youth officers are: President, Vice President, and Secretary,
Each member of the Youth Presidency shares these responsibilities
-Be a leader*
-Knows and upholds the purpose of Vanguard
-Participates at Vanguard classes and outside activities
-Becomes friends with each of the youth in the group
-Gets input from others in the group
-Sets a good example for other students by being actively engaged in personal studies
- Seeks to learn how to lead a group, deals with problems as they arise during class time
and talks about how to make specific youth feel more involved
-Helps plan the vision hike, end of the year outdoor activity, and first Vision Day of the year

Additional responsibilities are listed below each office
President –
Leads at Vanguard and youth leadership meetings, makes assignments and follows up
Meets with the adult mentors after Vanguard each week to give input
Attends parent mentor meetings
Writes president’s message for Newsletter
Works with the Primary Mentor
Assigns or delegates the "devotional" responsibilities

Vice-President –
Advises the President
Assists President with duties
Attends parent mentor meetings

Assists President and Vice-President with duties
Responsible for calling and reminding members of different activities and assignments.
Keeps records (such as attendance and memory work)
Works with Adult Secretary

Section 2. Nominating Procedure:
Section A.Nominations
Nomination will be held in the core Vanguard meeting in May of each year, as determined by Mentors. New Presidencies will assume their responsibilities after the last day of class of each year.

Section B. Terms of service
All elected offices will have a term of service for one year. Youth may not hold the same office for two years in a row.
Section C. Inability to fulfill term of service
Any officer that is unable to fulfill their term of service will be replaced by a nomination the next regularly scheduled Vanguard core meeting and will hold that position for the remainder of the term of service.

Youth Mentors-
Youth who have are pursuing a master level in a particular lens are invited to assist in mentoring that lens. Youth mentors are not elected but are chosen by their desire, willingness, and availability to help teach, prepare activities, and mentor. Youth may volunteer or be asked by the Head Mentor over the lens to participate. They may be also asked to maintain and update information on the blog for that lens.

Youth committee leaders-
Youth will choose a committee to volunteer in.  The committees are: Outdoor, Service/Temple, Game Committee, and Vanguard History.  Committees will nominate a team leader in each committee and committees will be given an opportunity to vote their approval or objection.

Outdoor Committee: Plans and Coordinates four challenging seasonal outdoor activities (including one end of the year overnight backpacking or camping trip) through the year with the guidance of the adult outdoor mentor.

Service/Temple: Plans service projects and temple trips with the guidance of the service/temple adult mentor

Game Chief: Plans activities that help reinforce the monthly theme and help the youth build character through the medium of activities

Vanguard History Committee: Collects pictures throughout the year.  Plans and puts together the monthly Vanguard Newspaper, the end of the year slide show, and a yearbook (if they choose to have one) with the guidance of the adult History Mentor.

Article 5. Primary Class Mentors

Section 1. Primary Class Mentors are (but not limited to): Head Mentor, Class Mentor(s), Lens Mentors, and Secretary (some members may hold more than one position).
Each leader shares the following duties:
-Uphold the vision and bylaws of The Vanguard Youth
-Know and value each of the youth at Vanguard
-Set an example for the youth of someone who is actively engaged in their own studies
-Lead Monthly Parent Mentor Meetings
-Hold and partipate in regular PCM meetings
-Deal with problems as they arise during class time, and during monthly parent mentor
-Help specific youth feel more involved
-Plan and coordinate a yearly parent mentor training session, if needed, in August
Additional responsibilities are listed below each office

Head Mentor:
Oversees that the vision of Vanguard is upheld and makes decisions accordingly
Approves the curriculum of the lens mentors
Coordinates with Youth president the daily running of Vanguard

Lens Mentors:
-Mentor and prepares a specific lens (including, but not limited to: History/Geography, Eureka, Leadership Academy, and Imaginative Arts)
-Provides a final outline for their class to the Head Mentor for approval by August 1st
-Attends Vanguard on their assigned week for Core, Journeyman, and Master classes.

-Responsible for advising the youth secretary
-Assures communication is running smoothly by sending out communication
-Maintains funds for group
-Compiles the monthly newsletter
- Presents a year end accounting to the family board in May of each year if needed

Section 2.
Section A. Primary Class mentors are selected by the Head Mentor.

Section B. Determination of Lens Mentors
Each year, parents will be encouraged to pray and consider how they may help with lenses.  They can approach the head mentor, discuss concerns and responsibilities, and then the head mentor and individual will determine if that lens is the fit for them.

Section C. All Primary Class members will assume their responsibilities on
June 1 of each year.

Section D. Process for replacing mentors should they be unable to fulfill their
term of service. Any mentor that is unable to fulfill their term of service will be replaced
by invitation (open or private) by the Head Mentor.

Section E. The secretary will be chosen by the Head Mentor.

Article 6. Other Optional Mentors
Additional Mentors may be needed or requested depending upon group size and families involved. They may include the following, but are not limited to:
-Family Activities Coordinator: Plans and coordinates family activities (typically 3 per year)
-Outdoor Adult Mentor: Guides Outdoor Committee in planning and having four challenging seasonal outdoor activities (including one end of the year overnight backpacking or camping trip) through the year.
-Service/Temple Adult Mentor: Guides Youth in planning service projects and temple trips
-Game and Movie night Adult Mentor: Guides youth in planning activities that help reinforce the monthly theme and help the youth build character
-Vanguard History Adult Mentor: Guides and helps youth with collecting pictures throughout the year; and putting together the monthly Vanguard Newspaper, the end of the year slide show, and a yearbook (if they choose to have one).
-Sibling Group Mentors: Coordinate activities and lessons for the younger siblings of the Vanguard Youth.

Article 7. Parent Responsibilities

Section 1. Vanguard Family Board.
Parents of Vanguard Youth become members of the Vanguard Family Board. The Vanguard Family Board meets monthly during parent mentor training meetings. The Vanguard Family Board has the responsibility to coordinate the activities included in their Vanguard group with the Head Mentor or those appointed as the coordinators of their responsibility. Board members are requested to give input on changes and
discussions regarding the youth during the monthly parent mentor meetings.

Section 2. Parent Mentor meetings:
Parents of Vanguard Youth members are strongly encouraged to attend as many monthly parent mentor meetings as possible

Section 3. Assistance/Service:
Parents are encouraged to prayerfully seek how they can best serve the youth of Vanguard each year. Parents are expected to offer that service in at least one capacity per month, outside of babysitting commitments.

Section 4. Concerns:
Parents have the right and the duty to speak up if they have a concern. Questions or
problems should be addressed to those who are immediately involved first. If the
concern is not able to be resolved then it may be taken to the general assembly at a
parent mentor meeting if needed.

Section 5. Sibling Care:
Should it be necessary, all parents of Vanguard youth (with the exception of the
head and class mentors) must help supervise/teach the children of those mentoring the classes.
The secretary may set up a rotation for the year. If the parent is unable to complete their
assignment, they will be expected to take care of alternate arrangements.

Section 6. Transportation expectations and class availability:
It is important for parents of Vanguard Youth Members to ensure that their youth arrive
on time and are picked up on time. Parents are to ensure that if students are staying for
Journeyman or Master classes that they have completed the Journeyman or Master
level inspirements for that day.  Parents are expected to keep the Journeyman/Master times available for their youth so that the youth may participate in them as desired.

Section 7. Class Materials:
Parents of Vanguard Youth Members agree to obtain the necessary reading materials
for their youth when given at least a month's notice.

Section 8. Monthly Parent-Youth Mentor Meeting.
Parents of Vanguard Youth Members are strongly encouraged to hold a weekly parent mentor meeting with their youth regarding their participation and activity in the group.  It is an expectation that youth do some type of planning each week, but how they do that is up to them and their parents.

Article 8. Educational Outline and Classes

Section 1. Core Classes.
Core classes for Vanguard Youth will consist of: Geo-conquest, Leadership
Academy, and Eureka, and Imaginative Arts. Youth will be expected to come prepared weekly with inspirements of their choosing for the class, and will be asked to give an accounting. They may report in private to the mentor in charge of the class upon request.

Section 2. Journeyman and Master Classes
For youth who desire to gain increased depth in breadth in a particular lens they may
choose to participate in Journeyman and Master level classes. Youth will be expected to
fulfill Core level inspirements as well as Journeyman and/or Master level
inspirements each week for each class they choose attend.
Youth may also choose to certify in Journeyman classes. A student may compose their
own list of journeyman requirements to certify in a certain lens (with approval from the
head or principal mentor), or may request a certification list from the Head Mentor.
Small incentives may be provided to encourage youth to do the extra work to become
Journeyman certified upon discretion of the mentor.

Section 3. Monthly Principles:
A rotation of the monthly themes is established by the Principal Mentor for guiding Core
Classes each year.

Section 4. Outside Classes: The Vanguard Youth will also provide opportunities for the
youth to get together outside their scheduled meetings to supplement the concepts they
are discussing in Vanguard which may include, but are not limited to: Family Activities,
Outdoor Experiences, Temple Trips, Service Opportunities, Movie Nights, Game
Nights, Elocution Evenings, and other activities. Guests must agree to adhere to the
standards of the Vanguard Youth or they will be invited to leave. By signing up for the
Vanguard Youth, the member releases the Board, Mentors, and other members from
liability at all events sponsored by the Vanguard Youth.

Article 10. Amendments
Proposed changes to these bylaws may be made by anyone, but actual amendments must be by the approval of the Head Mentor, who will make sure that the group is notified of any changes that happen mid-year.  Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the parent and youth to read and be familiar with the current bylaws before they commit to joining the group each year.