In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children


Schedule for Year (link to hard copy...will be updated as need arises)

 Important change to schedule: The Training Day will be held at 10-12 and not 12-2!

General Info:
CORE: Wed 9:30-2 pm at Presbyterian church
JOURNEYMAN:  Thurs 9:30-12 at Mentor's house
MASTER: Thurs 12:30-3 at Mentor's house

LATIN BONUS CLASS: 2 days a month, after CORE from 2:30-3:30
ACTING BONUS CLASS:  Alternate 2 days after CORE--Sept-Dec/Jan

Pre-Year events: 
-Training Day for new students or those who want a refresher of basics like Word Studies, Character T-Charts, Tomes, Reflection Time, etc.
-Opening Family Social!--come for a great evening of meeting the rest of our group, getting information, and eating dinner in FHE style
-Vision Hike and Vision Day (all students need to be there!)
-Parent Mentor Training (may take place as first parent mentor meeting of the year)

During the year:
-Parent Mentor Meetings 2nd Friday night of "month"--"Date Night" :)
-Lens Mentor Meeting after Leadership Academy Core class each month
-Youth Presidency Meeting after Geo-Conquest Core class each month
-Newsletter out by Eureka of previous month
-One service opportunity every month
-One temple opportunity every month
-Game nights as announced
-Two outdoor activities during the year in addition to the Vision Hike (beginning) and Outdoor Adventure (end)

End of year:
-Cultural Dinner for entire family
-Outdoor Adventure for youth and leaders
-Oral Presentations by youth in class
-Nominations for new youth presidency 

SEPT:Foundations of Liberty part 1
OCT: Foundations of Liberty part 2 and contrast with Communism
NOV: American Revolution part 1
JAN: American Revolution part 2 and contrast with South American revolutions
FEB: French Revolution
MAR: Civil War
APR: Westward Expansion

Continent Outline for Year
SEPT: Overview and Antarctica
OCT: Asia
NOV: North America
JAN: South America
FEB: Europe
MAR: Africa
APR: Oceania

THEME: Explosions of truth!
Journeyman: What skills do we need to master in this lens? What tools can we obtain to more deply understand the value for the month

-In class science projects
-Math Moment!
-Scientist Study
Master: How can we use the tools we now have to prepare for our missions? What does God want me to do with what I have?
-Read and discuss math classic looking for principles and applications in the scriptures
-Hebrew: looking for symbolism and truth
-Beginner's Guide to the Universe by Schneider
-Field trip/Guest presenter

SEPT: Compass and navigation
OCT: Geology
NOV: Field study, Classification and Evolution (at upper levels)
JAN: Astronomy
FEB: Inventions
MAR: Codes: morse, braille, puzzles
APR: Explorers (for truth!)

Imaginative Arts
THEME:  The Battle for the Mind and Heart
-Drama moment & Speech skills
-Music focus and Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers
-Art Study & Drawing skills
-Poetry analysis and application
-Literature & Writing Games
-Personal Projects!