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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parent Mentor Meeting 9/19/14

Hello friends!

I am excited to get together this Friday evening.  Our first parent mentor meeting for the year will be held on Sept. 19th from 7-8 at my house.  (Our bigger, beginning of the year meeting will be held the second Friday in October starting at 6:30 with our potluck evening.)

I realize everyone won't be able to be there due to our unfortunate need to switch evenings, but we will do what we can and hopefully get back on track next month.  These meetings are truly the glue that helps to hold groups together, but, of course, sometimes we just cannot come :). Please just come when you can.

For this upcoming meeting, I have printed off a copy of the short article by Stephen Palmer: "Four 'nothing' habits that can change everything" for us to review and discuss.

I would also like to discuss the following items:
-remaining available mentor positions: game night mentor (a dad would be great for this!)
-moving Vanguard to my house: saves us $100 a month (I think it would work this way if it works to have Vanguard Jr. at Melinda's.  I feel we should talk about this option.)  Then we would also not need a building coordinator to set-up and take down.
-review calendar for next few months to see if anyone has ideas for field trips and guest speakers
-newsletter format to make it more feasible

The latter three items we would discuss while the men were doing their dad's meeting, unless they would like to contribute to those discussions.  We could figure it out that night what we will discuss together.

I look forward to seeing you all then!
:) Mary

p.s.  Please comment below if you have items to add and to RSVP

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  1. Melinda will be there. Brian may not, depends on when he heads home from work.