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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Head's up for upcoming weeks!

 Please remember that we will be discussing "Alone Yet Not Alone" next week for Imaginative Arts CORE class, along with a section from "Aspire!"

However, I want you to be looking ahead, because we will be discussing "The Freedom Factor" in Core Class Leadership the following week!  "Alone Yet Not Alone" is a lot easier than most books we will be reading, and it was perfect to allow for us to read "The Freedom Factor" the following week. I would encourage you to finish "Alone Yet Not Alone" soon so you can get started on "The Freedom Factor."  Both are very interesting, very quick reads. (For those of you who remember "The Alliance," "Freedom Factor" is by the same man and very interesting as well!)

We will still be discussing "Red Scarf Girl" and any other of the approved books at the end of October.  October is the only month we are doing double books this year.  I feel that these books will make a big difference in our perspective, especially read during this time.  You can do it! :)

Please remember that the outside of class activities are simply fun options for your youth or you as parents if they fit within your family needs.  We make them theme related, start and end with prayer, and always have adults on hand.
-PMM--Parent Mentor Meeting 7-8 pm at Biesingers this Friday the 19th.  Please come with any questions or concerns you may have :).  We will have a brief article and video segment to review while we are there to discuss, as well as the division into dads and moms for individual discussions.  We will have our larger, beginning of the year one on the regularly scheduled day in October.  Please plan on attending and I will plan on being well :). (Twasn't pneumonia and feel much better...thanks!)

-Master-level Eureka Movie Night Thursday the 18th. Location TBA.  Starting at 6, this is a discussion/application opportunity for those who have prepared through their studies for Master class this week and their parents and older siblings.

-Game Night!  FUGITIVE!  Sept. 26, meet at 7 pm at the Bountiful Temple.  We will need adult drivers to chase around and find the youth...bring along some ice cream, your spouse,  and call it a date!  We will be ending at the Hatch's house.  More details upon arrival: boundaries, rules, etc.  If you want to invite a friend, please limit it to one or two, and let Drew Biesinger know so we can have enough adults on hand.  Bring a potluck treat to share for when we are done! 

-Orienteering Activity in October on a Saturday.  More details to follow...

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