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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Imaginitive Arts-Vanguard Jr.

Bring some watercolors if you have some.  I have a bunch and will bring them.

Bring a poem to share with everybody and bring your creative thinking cap so we can make up some of our own.   :)

(I don't know how to stick this in the Vanguard Jr. spot)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

CORE inspirements are up!

Hi everyone!

The CORE inspirements are up for January!  See the link on the side:...

I didn't include Latin for now, as we are still figuring out if we should start mid-year or just wait until next year.

The other texts if you want to order them on your own are:
-"Just Like Jesus" by Max Lucado
-"Way to Be" by Gordon B. Hinckley (I picked up two copies at the DI for $1.50 each if anyone wants to buy them from me.)

The upcoming books that we will be reading are:
-The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis (January)
-A Long Walk to Water (February) Master: choose between "Dragon Doom," "Ender's Game," "The Lost Prince" by Burnett.
-Star Girl by Spinelli (March) LEADERSHIP: J-Man "The Veldt" (Short story) "Lord of the Flies" (Master)
-Charlie's Monument (April); LEADERSHIP: J-Man "Jack-Rabbit Factor" or Master "The Choice"

Some of these might be a journeyman book for leadership, but I will hopefully have that all finalized as I finish reading the potential books over the next two weeks.  The one for January is official.

They all have at least 8 copies at the library or are online.  If you want to pick them up on your own, you are welcome to :).

Monday, November 11, 2013

First of all, I would like to encourage everyone to watch the short video clip:
It was a great introduction to the discussion we had about how we need to reassess the path we chose to take and that sometimes taking a wrong road is important to understanding why and having confidence that another path is the correct one.

I.     The parents and the youth who attended discussed the change in the material that would covered in Core, Journeyman, and Master classes. The discussion centered on moving the material that was currently being done in Master Class will become the new Core class each. Mary mentioned that the it would be simpler, more principle centered, which is what Core class should be.  Mary will teach the Core classes. The lens mentors will be teaching the Journeyman and Master Level classes. 
Concerns that were discussed:
                             1) Need for more books: The only new books that would be needed would be Way to Be by Gordon B. Hinckley (which can be purchased used at the D.I.) and Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado (Can be found for $8-$10 at Amazon). The Da Vinci readings will be scanned into the computer and shared on-line.  There was discussion about including a 15 minute Latin lesson in each class. If we go ahead with this, the book for it will need to be purchased. (Getting Started with Latin: Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students by William E. Linney. We would begin at the beginning of the book. It is super easy with only one word per lesson, and it is a lot like Saxon Math where they review previous lessons with the current lesson.)
                          2) A water downed class: We will just need to assess how easy/hard the work is as we go along. Right now, all of the youth have been doing Journeyman Level work. This may be a good way to encourage our youth to attend Journeyman/Master classes.
By unanimous vote from those who came, it was decided that we would change to this path for Core Class.
II.   In terms of meeting dates and times, it was decided by those who attended that for the remainder of the year Core and Journeyman classes will stay on Wednesday at Westminster Church in Fruit Heights, and Master class will beheld Fridays at the Lens mentors' home or Biesinger's home. It will be posted on the calendar where classes will be held.  However, times for the classes did change in order to meet the needs of the families involved and to reflect the changes in the course of study.
              Core class Wednesday 10AM -12:30 PM
             Journeyman class Wednesday 1-3:30 PM
             Master class      Friday 9:45-11:45
III. Junior Vanguard Mentors asked that you make every effort to be there on your assigned day to help with Junior Vanguard. If you cannot be there, please find a substitute.  All the parents of Vanguard students will have a turn helping with the younger kids. Please contact the Junior Vanguard Mentors to find out when your assigned day is.
IV.  Calendar of Events:
          Nov 13 Family Social Committee Meeting after Eureka Core class
          December 11 Leadership Academy Journeyman Activity, 10-2 (For all those who participated in Nov. Leadership Academy Journeyman class)
   December 20 - Vanguard Christmas Service3:30 at Legacy Village of Layton
1205 N. Fairfield Rd.
We will be handing out a small Christmas gift to the residents and perform Christmas music and a pageant.
          Dec 28 Family Social Brunch, 10 AM-12 PM
          January 11, 2014 Parent Mentor Meeting at the Biesinger’s home, 8 AM
                        Outdoor Activity after Mentor Meeting
          January 17 Game/Movie Night
          January 18 Bountiful Temple Trip, 7 AM